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Portrait of Josiah Andrew Hudleston.

Josiah Andrew Hudleston (1799-1865)

Welcome to Hudleston Music

A website about guitar music of the 19th century
in Great Britain, Ireland and India

This site is named after Josiah Andrew Hudleston (1799-1865), and here you can find information about his life, his works, and the origins of his collection of guitar music, now in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin.

Additional articles about various 19th century guitarists and their music are also available here.

Unfortunately, I am only very occasionally able to continue the research into Hudleston's life and works, due to numerous other commitments. Hopefully I will eventually update the site, but for now, please enjoy the articles which are already here.

If you have any comments or questions, or have come across any information related to Hudleston and his music, please get in touch!

—Michael McCartney

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